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ING. L. & A. BOSCHI ITALY since 1930 is one of the oldest brands in the air separation industry . Design and Technology is state of the art LINDE PROCESS design engineering for Air Separation Cryogenic Plants. The LINDE DESIGN originated in EUROPE and is adapted by most of the European Manufacturers.


ING L.& A. BOSCHI has one of the largest manufacturing facilities and offers an entire range of products under one roof. We also offer a versatile support program with a vide range of after sales services. With our years of experience, we can assist you to operate your plant more effectively. Through our excellent supply chain our customers can procure any spare part or components. We aim to continually improve the quality of our products and services while maintaining a high level of safety and environmental protection.

We are the worldwide leaders in the design, fabrication & manufacturing of oxygen plants, nitrogen plants and acetylene plants. In technical collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi, we started manufacturing oxygen and nitrogen plants at our factory in New Delhi (India) in 1985. In our journey spanning over three decades, we have been building on our designing and manufacturing expertise that we acquired from Dr. Boschi of Italy.

Our first oxygen and nitrogen plant was set up in 1985 at our factory in New Delhi. Inspired as we are with Dr. Boschi’s work, we have ensured that the same designing excellence incorporates into our manufacturing of oxygen and nitrogen plants. We are now known for manufacturing exceptionally designed latest technology plants and our efforts have been rewarded with the appreciation of our customers. Today, we are the preferred destination for customers from all over the globe. For maintaining high quality standards, we have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification and our plants are CE approved.


Our aim is to manufacture plants customized to the requirements of our customers & end users on the global market, with highly efficient energy systems & environmental friendly in the field of technical gases.

The technology used in our plants is based on the process cycle of Linde and Claude, which has been improved upon by Dr. Boschi for artificial production of oxygen. Our plants use liquefaction of air based on low and medium pressure. The air separation column is equipped with high quality Boschi trays, condensers and multi-pass exchangers for getting high yield of oxygen by separation of liquid air. Boschi columns manufactured by us are characterized by their durability and efficiency. Our plants are guaranteed to deliver hassle-free operation while requiring very low maintenance.


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Since we established in 1985, we have exported more than 500 air separation plants to clients from 40 countries including Mexico, Brazil, USA,Peru, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Suriname, Iran, Russia, Australia, Fiji Islands, Seychelles, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Libya ,Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Yemen, Columbia, Europe and many others. Customer satisfaction along with fulfillment of the customer requirements is the main target of our company and at the core of our endeavor, hence is always driving us to deliver them the best quality plants and provide them the best service to our maximum capability.


UNIVERSAL BOSCHI is the leading manufacturer of Air separation equipment with CE & ISO certification.

This constant concern for quality is supported by a very specialized department of quality control engineers which drives us to control every step of the manufacturing process. But our strength lies mainly in the commitment of the men and women of UNIVRESAL BOSCHI. Their objective? Total quality.


We offer sea worthy packing of international standards ensuring that our plants and machinery arrive in safe and good condition at any destination across the world. Our shipping and logistic department plans each shipment using the highest quality packing in compliance with the CE standards of Europe. Our design and engineering department prepares a 3D plan of each shipment to know how the packages will fit inside the container with minimum wastage of space. We have special container stuffing facility at Universal Boschi factory in New Delhi