UBTL SERIES Fully Automatic Liquid Oxygen Liquid Nitrogen plant

Universal Boschi introduces the latest UBTL series Fully Automatic Oxygen Nitrogen plants working on low pressure Boschi Technology process. The plants are controlled remotely via the Plant control room using the latest DCS control system. The result is achieved by perfecting the designs and manufacturing techniques through over 30 years of Research & Development. Universal Boschi showcases its capability by running all types of Air separation plants installed in its unique state-of-the-art multiple plant testing and R&D facilities. Watch the full walkthrough video here.


UNIVERSAL BOSCHI Oxygen plant UBP series , new technology for production of Oxygen for industrial & medical oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen production and liquid Nitrogen for filling in liquid tanks .low power consumption , skid mounted & simple to operate with very low maintenance & ATLAS COPCO ROTARY AIR COMPRESSOR .

Low Pressure Air Separation plant

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Air Separation Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant installation

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High Purity Oxygen Generator Plant for Medical & Industrial Applications

Universal Boschi successfully launches the High Purity Oxygen Generator Series model of PSA plants with capacity varying from 2 m3/hour to 50 m3/hour. These generators produce Oxygen at high purity from the plant with constant and stable oxygen output. These compact and efficient units are extremely easy to install especially in remote locations and are highly dependable as they are fully automatic in their operation.

Oxygen Plant Getting Ready for Shipping

We fabricate and manufacture high quality air separation plants with the latest cryogenic technology. In the video we see an oxygen plant being readied for shipping. Our delivery is quick after we receive the advance payment. Quality of our plant machinery is trusted by our customers all over the globe. We are one of the few oxygen plant manufacturers that high quality stainless steel column and argon welding in our fabricating. The plants are stringently tested to check their performance. We have an amazing shipping department that specializes in packaging the plants in way that protects it against any damage during its transportation.