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Oxygen Plant

We are the most reliable oxygen plant manufacturer company specializing in designing & manufacturing various types of oxygen plants for producing very high purity oxygen and nitrogen gases. Our high quality oxygen gas plant is high performing and cost-effective in its operation. Air separation plant is designed to separate atmospheric air into various gases like oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Our oxygen and nitrogen gas plants are manufactured and supplied with top class expertise in engineering advanced cryogenic technology used in healthcare and industrial applications.

Oxygen/Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Plant

small oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBP - 25 to 50 m3/hr.

Production - 100 to 200 Cylinder/Day

It is manufactured and supplied for meeting the requirements of small scale industries. Can generate oxygen with purity up to 99.7% and nitrogen with purity up to 99.99%.

oxygen plant manufacturer

Capacity/Model - UBP - 100 to 170 m3/hr.

Production - 400 to 700 Cylinder/Day

We fabricate oxygen /nitrogen plant with OEM parts, ASME-certified materials and argon welding. All our gas products are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and CE standards for reliability.

manufacturers of oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBP - 200 to 600 m3/hr.

Production - 800 to 2400 Cylinder/Day

This plant is made with the latest cryogenic technology and high quality materials for efficient performance. Generates high oxygen/nitrogen for various industrial/medical uses.

Liquid Oxygen Plant

oxygen manufacturer plant

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 50 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 59 & LIN - 73 Ltr/hr.

UBTL-50 m3/hr Plant uses latest rotary air compressor and turbine system with auto PLC to give purity oxygen 99.7 & nitrogen 99.9 PPM.

oxygen manufacturing plant

Capacity/Model - UBPL - 170 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 170 & LIN - 170 Ltr/hr.

UBPL-170 m3/hr LOX plant generates liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen with high purity using cryogenic air separation technology.

top oxygen plant manufacturers india

Capacity/Model - UBTL - 500 m3/hr.

Production - LOX - 590 & LIN - 700 Ltr/hr.

LOX Plant with flow rate of 500m3/hr is ideal for small to medium scale businesses. The plant is known for long life and maintenance cost.

Liquid Nitrogen Plant

oxygen gas plant

Capacity/Model - UBPLN - 50 m3/hr.

Production - 50 Litre/Hr.

UBPLN-50 Litre/Hr. Pure Liquid Nitrogen Plant Generates Pure Nitrogen 50 Litre/Hr. with Purity of Nitrogen 99.99% in PPM.

liquid oxygen plant

Capacity/Model - UBPLN - 100 m3/hr.

Production - 100 Litre/Hr.

Pure Liquid Nitrogen Plant is designed and manufactured with the latest cryogenic air separation technology.

oxygen plant manufacturing

Capacity/Model - UBTLN - 600 m3/hr.

Production - 850 Litre/Hr.

Pure Liquid Nitrogen Plant is built with low pressure technology for delivering nitrogen with high purity with efficiency and reliability.

Cryogenic Air Separation Unit/Plants

best oxygen manufacturer company

Capacity/Model - UBT - 200 m3/hr.

Production - 800 Cylinders/Day.

UBT-200 Nm3/hr. gas air separation plant Fills Oxygen/Nitrogen 800 Cylinder/Day with Purity of Oxygen 99.7% and Nitrogen 99.99%.

best oxygen making plant

Capacity/Model - UBT - 500 m3/hr.

Production - 2000 Cylinders/Day

Gas air separation plant is fabricated with high grade stainless columns and turbo expanders for smooth and trouble-free operations.

oxygen generation plant

Capacity/Model - UBT - 1000 m3/hr.

Production - 4000 Cylinders/Day

Cryogenic air separation plant manufactured for functioning with full automation requiring litter manual input.

Acetylene Generator Plant

small acetylene plant

Capacity/Model - UA - 25 m3/hr.

Production - 100 Cylinders/Day(Size - 6 m3)

Acetylene generator plant is fabricated with high quality materials and using the latest technology. Acetylene gas is generated as a result of reaction between calcium carbide and water.

acetylene gas generator

Capacity/Model - UA - 50 m3/hr.

Production - 200 Cylinders/Day(Size - 6 m3)

Acetylene production plant is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9008:2015 and CE standards. Our plant machinery comes in different capacities ranging from 25 m3/hr. to 200 m3/hr.

acetylene plant project cost

Capacity/Model - UA - 200 m3/hr.

Production - 800 Cylinders/Day(Size - 6 m3)

Acetylene plants are fabricated as per internationally approved standards and procedures. Fabrication is done with world-class components.

WATCH VIDEO - Universal Boschi Fully Automatic ASU Plants- GOX + LOX + LIN

UNIVERSAL BOSCHI is a world class company in the engineering sector for manufacturing and installing Oxygen Plant, Nitrogen Plant, Liquid Oxygen Plant, Liquid Nitrogen Plant and Acetylene Plant with the technical Designs and drawings technology and assistance of ING. L. & A. BOSCHI of Italy, a company since 1930. Since 1985, we have been manufacturing oxygen plant in India using high quality materials.

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